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This is a VISUAL business.

It’s much easier to show what I do than to talk about it. The galleries speak for themselves and prove that, together, we can create great-looking stuff. Don’t see a particular style or subject here? Just ask — I’ve probably done that, too!

I believe illustration should be appealing, professional,  and — where business is concerned — USEFUL. I am in business to delight my customers and help them grow their business. Not to win awards from critics.

Children's Book Teaches that It's Great to be Different
Based on a true story!

Children's Book Teaches that It's Great to be Different

Illustrating the story of Taz, a real doggie whose “special needs” became real accomplishments.

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Creating Winged Monkeys for a 'Wicked' Gala
A dream job!

Creating Winged Monkeys for a 'Wicked' Gala

The Performing Arts Center needed larger-than-life imaginary creatures based on the hit Musical.

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The brand is so much more than a logo — no matter how good that logo is! A business' reputation is built on lots of work, serving customers, and just getting out there in as many forms as possible. Ask the good people and critters at All Things Jerky!

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