Effective advertising design shows the benefits of your product or service in an attractive way, to the people who need you. A solid branding strategy carries your message to your target market. Starting with the concepts found in your business plan, I work with you (or your marketing department or copywriter) to create eye-catching designs that connect with your customers. We’re aiming for a consistent message, so you’re easily recognized. That means logo, color scheme, typography, and visual “feeling” are in your unique style and true to the brand, across all media outlets.

Advertising Design Advantages

And now the advertising design reflected in your print ads and marketing collateral can be re-purposed across web, mobile, and email media. Gone are the days of a “one-shot” ad in a newspaper or magazine. It has never been more economical to produce posters, flyers, and direct mail packages. Web banners and creative images and animations, all consistent with your brand, can be shared in any of your social media postings.

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