Choosing the Best Format for Your Project

The Illustrator is a COMMERCIAL artist. We create not just beautiful but PRACTICAL work that provides value to our Customers, in any number of settings and formats. I like to conceive the project with an eye toward “cross-platform” use. Print projects may become e-books, website or app content. Logos can become mascots or animations. Even the most traditional artwork such as oil paintings or pencil art is provided in alternate digital formats.

Pen & Ink Art


My favorite medium, the one I “rule” at. We’ve incorporated this style into logos, architectural renderings, black-and-white printed…

Mixed Media

Portfolio of Mixed Media

Breaking the rules. Commercial art is deadline-driven and attention-grabbing. We combine multiple techniques and media for…

Digital Art

Digital Art Portfolio

Nearly all of my digital art still begins with pencil and paper. My customers are not looking for clip art but rather “hand-drawn…”

Print Design

Print Design

I have a background in printing, including the prepress handling of nearly 400 issues of a news magazine and other books and…

Marker Sketches

Portfolio of Marker Sketches

Marker comps—sketches, renderings and storyboards—are still used to plan out projects, especially projects that will be constructed…

Pencil Drawing

Portfolio of Pencil Drawing

Actually, every project I do starts with the pencil, as we sketch out ideas. But for expressive and textured line quality, graphite…

Painting & Traditional Media

Portfolio of Painting & Traditional Media

I use painting as a tool rather than a primary medium. While there are very few paintings in my portfolio, paints and dyes are used…

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Scott J. Alberts - Freelance Illustrator

Scott J. Alberts

Freelance Illustrator

Media Mogul


Choices, choices
What is the right medium to use for a specific application?For any given project there is an abundance of materials, colors, textures, ..., from which to choose.

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