True portraiture captures the personality of the subject. Much more than a photographic likeness, a portrait or caricature will tell us about the person, not just what they look like. As an illustrator, I have always used art techniques that are appropriate to the personality or mood we want to depict. That means that we might use pen and ink for a more rugged, outdoorsy effect. Or a cartoon style for playfulness and humor. Pencil, watercolor or oil paints are still used for a traditional look. Portraits can be realistic, corporate, funny, comic book or fantasy.

Portraiture Advantage

Another advantage of portraiture over photography is the ability to create a new image that simply couldn’t have existed. Throughout history, portraits have been idealized: The most successful portrait artists were able to make their subjects (who were often their patrons as well) look much more attractive, younger, and more “perfect” than they really were. With few exceptions, artists are not expected to depict their models “warts and all.”

A portrait can be timeless by combining many details from the subject’s life into one scene. Not only can we turn a child into a superhero, but we can create a “composite” portrait with a person holding their long-lost pet, or wearing their favorite items from the past. We can create a new, customized view that could not possibly have been photographed or even posed.

In an age when entrepreneurs are advised to personalize their message and “be the brand,” there are opportunities to make a very individualized statement — even a logo — that uses the business owner’s own likeness in a creative way. You can become your own mascot!

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High Praise for Scott's Creations

  • Scott is loaded with talent and his portfolio is proof of it. His illustrations are unique, imaginative, and simply amazing. Scott also excels in graphic design and is one of the most detailed designers I know. I give him my highest recommendation!

    Rob Marnocha, Account Manager, OEC Graphics
  • If you are seeking an illustrator to best capture your company's essence Scott is a great reference. He has completed several projects for Exhibit Resource and is easy to work with. His line of thinking is unique and unexpected but, in my opinion, very effective.

    Jill Anderson, formerly with Skyline Exhibit Resource
  • Scott's one of the best in his field. No matter how difficult the illustration project I throw at him, he manages to come up with the perfect result. I'm always impressed by his craft. Best yet, he's just a good person and pleasure to work with.

    Brad Rutta, Director of Marketing at Noel Group
  • Scott has worked on many projects for us and every one has exceeded expectation. He is very creative, easy to work with and sticks to a schedule. Without reservation, I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for a talented and creative illustrator.

    Abby Robey, Sales & Marketing at Xuron Corporation

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