Choose a Style that Appeals Most to Your Target Audience

You will see many styles and techniques in these pages. Yet they represent one artist, working with many different creative entrepreneurs, designers, writers — all sorts of people with great ideas. Many Illustrators create in a “signature” style, their work identifiable by its similarity to all that they’ve done. I am more of an artistic chameleon. As a business, I have decided to cast a wider net and display many styles, and as a result I’m continually at work on diverse projects in all sort of traditional and digital media. I’ve been called on to provide continuity to a brand, a series of images or even a book begun by another artist by working in their particular style.

Realism Art

Portfolio of Realism Art

I enjoy portraying imaginary subjects in realistic style. Since art school days, I’ve found that photo-realism is achievable…

Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Drawing Portfolio

Cartoons make people smile, and can connect with a wider audience than a photo. Used as business brands or mascots, they transcend…

Black and White Art

Portfolio of Black & White Art

High-contrast black and white art is a great way to communicate an idea with maximum impact. A good, solid “under-drawing” is vital to…

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling... Editorial and Political Viewpoints

The traditional job for an Illustrator, editorial art helps to visually communicate the writer’s ideas. Think magazine covers and…

Art for Children

Art for Children - Seeing is Believing

Perhaps my best-received work has been with children’s books and related “youth-oriented” projects. Book reviews and personal notes…



They say that every style eventually comes around again. I sure hope so! Personally, I love the look of popular culture from the early…

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Scott J. Alberts - Freelance Illustrator

Scott J. Alberts

Freelance Illustrator

Stylistic Magician


Evoking Stylistic Responses through Graphic Design
Balance RequiredThere is an art to creating 'art-with-a-purpose.' Too much of 'this' and THIS happens. Too much of 'that' and..., you get the picture.

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