What has Art Done for You Lately?

The BUSINESS of art is similar to any other business: finding a need and fulfilling it. Helping businesses and individuals launch their next great idea is THE most fulfilling part of my job. And possibly the most profitable. In business, graphic design and custom artwork must be created “to spec.” It must be functional as well as appealing. Not just look great, but also fit on the label, print correctly, and read clearly. Customers will put me in contact with their Printer or Publisher or Sign Maker, and the job will be set up to their specifications, often saving time and money.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Portfolio of Branding & Corporate Identity

Ask yourself, “How do I look?” While branding encompasses every part of your business, we focus on the visual parts. For many of our…

Book Illustration

Portfolio of Book Illustration

Book illustration is a challenging and rewarding “dream job.” Connecting with the Author and visually interpreting their words, we…

Label Design & Packaging Design

Portfolio of Labels & Packaging

Your labels are a vital part of your brand. Consistent, appealing product labeling will make it easy for loyal customers to FIND you…

Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art Saves Businesses Time and Money

As an Illustrator, I help to visualize a product, concept or even a building before it actually exists. The concept stage is where…

Advertising Design

Advertising Design Portfolio

Good advertising design shows the benefits of your product or service. Thanks to web, mobile, and email media, ads can be repurposed across…

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps portfolio

Mobile app graphics are like logos. They need to communicate at a glance, and usually at very a small size. A full set of icons, buttons…

Web Graphics


For nearly 10 years, I’ve been partnering with Web professionals to help our customers build unique websites that complement their…

Character Design


Just like Disney! Thanks to the imagination of entrepreneurs and authors, we’re creating new characters all the time. Some become brand…

Theatrical Set Design

Theatrical Set Design Portfolio - Scott Alberts

Creating BIG stuff. More than any other category, large-format works are truly one-of-a-kind. Once a matter of working on-site with…

Custom Art

Portfolio of commissioned and private art

Original portraits, commemorative or decorative artwork for use as gifts or private display…

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Scott J. Alberts - Freelance Illustrator

Scott J. Alberts

Freelance Illustrator

Stylistic Magician


If You Would Just APPLY Yourself...
Applications Make the World Go RoundThe world of art - and particularly digital art - has been divvied up into a variety of applications.

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