While I provide a range of graphic design services, freelance illustration has been my primary business and the reason for this web site. Most of the other pages and portfolios found here are examples of illustration, grouped by category and style. My competitive advantage is that my customers can get many different styles and media — all from one artist. The styles range from fully digital to hand-painted art, cartoon art to photo-realism. My favorite illustration technique is pen and ink, with color added by either watercolors or digital overlays on the computer.

Freelance Illustration Is My Passion

For me, the highest compliment is when a customer says,

“You drew what I was thinking!”


To succeed as a freelance illustration business, my work must be focused on meeting the customer’s needs and deadlines. The results must be commercially useful and meet the technical specs that keep it looking good across any number of electronic or print media. As an experienced illustrator I am also available to help resolve production issues. I am often hired by other Graphic Designers to supply illustrations for their customers’ projects. This allows me to put my strongest skills forward, collaborating with other graphics pros to ensure great-looking results.

Reason number one for using an illustration rather than a photo: artwork grabs attention. A good illustration visually expresses your message before your words are read. In the end, it is about whether or not readers notice your message. And custom artwork overcomes demographic “barriers,” because a jazz sax-playing fox or a friendly bikini-clad frog can communicate across all gender and nationality distinctions. Mascots and custom character designs are a big part of what we do in helping businesses brand themselves, presenting their message to the world in the most appealing way.

An illustration can go a step further than a photo, and explain the message. There are things you simply cannot take a photo of. And those are the kinds of ideas that creative, entrepreneurial minds dream up (and ask me to draw). A creative illustration is much more interesting to look at than a photo, and it invites the viewer to stay around and hear what you are saying.

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Case Study

Wicked Monkeys

9 Foot-Tall Winged Creatures

Large-format pieces designed and illustrated for architectural spaces at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.


High Praise for Scott's Creations

  • Scott is loaded with talent and his portfolio is proof of it. His illustrations are unique, imaginative, and simply amazing. Scott also excels in graphic design and is one of the most detailed designers I know. I give him my highest recommendation!

    Rob Marnocha, Account Manager, OEC Graphics
  • If you are seeking an illustrator to best capture your company's essence Scott is a great reference. He has completed several projects for Exhibit Resource and is easy to work with. His line of thinking is unique and unexpected but, in my opinion, very effective.

    Jill Anderson, formerly with Skyline Exhibit Resource
  • Scott's one of the best in his field. No matter how difficult the illustration project I throw at him, he manages to come up with the perfect result. I'm always impressed by his craft. Best yet, he's just a good person and pleasure to work with.

    Brad Rutta, Director of Marketing at Noel Group
  • Scott has worked on many projects for us and every one has exceeded expectation. He is very creative, easy to work with and sticks to a schedule. Without reservation, I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for a talented and creative illustrator.

    Abby Robey, Sales & Marketing at Xuron Corporation

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