A Few Words About My Portfolios

Here you will find an attempt to categorize many overlapping art and design projects. This is a FUN job, where we are always working on something new and different. The majority of the gallery items are customer-initiated projects, for business applications.

Rather than creating in one “signature” style, my work has been as varied as my clients. Together with them, we’ve created “at least one of everything.” Throughout my career, I have been called on to serve as a one-person art department, working in whatever style or media the customer needs.

At any given time we are developing logos, labels, editorial/book illustrations, publication layouts, brochures, web graphics, large banners….  If you don’t see a particular style or theme here, just contact me — I have probably done that, too!

Freelance Illustration

Portfolio of Freelance Illustration

I believe art should not need an explanation. The other way around: an image should communicate and explain an idea. People call me…

Logo Design

Logo Design Portfolio - Brand Identity for Business

Your new business represents you, your career, your experience and your passion. I believe that a logo should look like an already…

Graphic Design


Design is the package that carries your message. It should be functional, readable, and appealing. I continue to work with many of my…


Fun Drawings - Portfolios

Don’t tell anyone, but I get paid to draw pictures and make fun stuff! This category will allow me to express my sense of humor without…

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Scott J. Alberts - Freelance Illustrator

Scott J. Alberts

Freelance Illustrator

Stylistic Magician


Shopping for Ideas?
My illustration and graphic design portfolios are for browsing and sparking ideas.As you will see, there are MANY ways to express your message.

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