Opportunity and Desire

“I get to do artwork for a living!”  When you can say that, the theme of the art is definitely of lesser concern.  In my personal time, I enjoy themes found in nature.  Nature and animals provide endless variation and incredible detail.  Fortunately, a majority of my illustration projects have featured animals.  Advertisers and Authors use non-human characters to convey their ideas with near-universal appeal: no one can feel left out based on the gender, nationality or social status of the Duck or Fish or Frog who’s doing the talking.  The themes depicted here are diverse, but all of the pieces reflect two primary goals: thrilling the Customer, and making an exceptional image.



As an illustrator, I will use a medium that helps us capture the subject’s personality. We can do anything from digital cartoon to oil…

Nature Art


I’ve always been more fascinated with nature than any other subject. I always say that God created so much to look at, the least I can…

Visual Aids for Learning

Visual aids for learning

With self-publishing on the rise, entrepreneurial-minded teachers and authors are producing all sorts of new curricula that supplement…

Event Graphic Design

Portfolio of Event Graphic Design

This is where an artist can get practice creating posters—especially if they are willing to donate services “in kind!” Posters and…

Medical Illustration

Medical Illustration Portfolio

Medical and Technical Illustration will always be in demand. The Illustrator can inform any viewer via a clear and understandable look…

Inspirational Art

Inspirational Art

Without apologies: My faith is personal, but neither private nor unashamed. Most artwork in this area has been for churches and not…



I confess: I’m not much of a sports fan. At least not spectator sports. With so much fantastic photography available in this genre…

Food Illustration

Food Illustration Portfolio

So much of my career has been in Wisconsin, the land of meat and cheese production. It was inevitable that my portfolio would…

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Scott J. Alberts - Freelance Illustrator

Scott J. Alberts

Freelance Illustrator

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (beauty is subjective)So how do you find the right graphic artist for your important work?

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